Who or what is Feathered Gems?

Feathered Gems is actually just me, Kathy Johnson. I've been making things with my hands for as long as I can remember. My dad taught me to cut and polish stones into cabochons when I was a teenager. It was a natural progression to go from my high-school hobby of bead weaving and stringing to making jewelry for sale and starting a business. I have owned and run Feathered Gems Jewelry since 1997. When I'm not busy creating something I can usually be found at the computer learning a new technique or solving a problem. If I'm not doing any of that, I'm probably playing with my greyhound or my parrots.
My website for the sterling and bronze charms I cast is http://www.featheredgems.com

Feathered Gems Jewelry

Welcome to Feathered Gems on Zibbet.
Here you will find jewelry delights that celebrate the beauty of the greyhound, and other animal charms as well.

But as I also sew, lathe turn pens, cut cabochon stones, crochet, and work with glass, you might find just about anything here. So stay tuned!