Going Home Greyhounds Black Greyhound Pendant

$35.00 USD


Product Description

Feathered Gems is pleased to announce that Going Home Greyhounds has chosen us to cast their wonderful black greyhound jewelry and to be the only distributor of these pieces.

This is a lovely sterling silver pendant depicting GHG's copyrighted group logo, the silhouette of the head of a black greyhound. The pendant is approximately 1" wide and 1" high, and comes with a large jump ring attached so you can put it on your own chain or cord.

Feathered Gems Jewelry

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Here you will find jewelry delights that celebrate the beauty of the greyhound, and other animal charms as well.

But as I also sew, lathe turn pens, cut cabochon stones, crochet, and work with glass, you might find just about anything here. So stay tuned!