Etched copper cuff bracelet with "Greyhound" in heiroglyphic font

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Product Description

Fonts are fun; the font collection on my computer threatens to take over the hard drive.

This bracelet was made the year that the Beachbound Hounds event had an Egyptian theme. On this 1-inch wide, heavy-gauge solid copper cuff bracelet, I acid-etched the word "Greyhound" in a non-authentic Egyptian hieroglyphic-style font. One of the hieroglyphs that wasn't part of that word happened to be a reclining greyhound, so I had to include it. So technically, this bracelet reads "sgreyhounds". :)

This cuff is adjustable to fit most wrist sizes. Continued bending of any cuff bracelet, no matter what metal it is made of, will eventually cause the metal to crack. I recommend putting any new cuff bracelet on and bending it until it fits comfortably. After it has been adjusted to fit, never bend it again--instead, take it off and put it on by twisting the bracelet around the wrist until the opening can slip off over the narrowest area of the wrist.

Copper will naturally develop a darker patina over time. If this darker color isn't to your liking, it can be easily cleaned by washing it with soap and water to remove skin oil, then soaking it briefly in a bowl of plain household vinegar. The vinegar should quickly make it bright and shiny again. Rinse it well, and dry it with paper towels. If it's still not as bright as you'd like, then rub it gently with a jewelry polishing cloth.

Etched copper cuff bracelet with "Greyhound" in heiroglyphic font Etched copper cuff bracelet with "Greyhound" in heiroglyphic font

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