Bronze Greyhound Moai key chain

$20.00 USD


Product Description

Breaking news! On a remote corner of Easter Island, archaeologists have recently discovered proof that the ancient Rapa Nui tribe worshipped greyhounds as gods! They constructed bronze greyhound statues in a style similar to the Moai faces found all over the island. Feathered Gems Jewelry has replicated these phantasmic greyhound Moai in solid bronze in a more easily portable size.

Well, OK, so maybe the Rapa Nui didn't worship greyhounds. But Feathered Gems DID design a greyhound Moai based on the Easter Island statues and cast it in solid bronze. This one hangs from a sturdy steel key chain. The greyhound Moai is approximately 1 1/4" tall and 3/4" wide.

Bronze Greyhound Moai key chain

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Here you will find jewelry delights that celebrate the beauty of the greyhound, and other animal charms as well.

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